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Ethereum high reaches new all-time; IOTA announces partnership

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After numerous Altcoins have seen new all-time highs in the last few days, seems to now also Ethereum neat to give Gas and the 1000$mark broke this morning at around 6 am. Thus, the third starts largest crypto-currency bullish into the new year.

The tremendous increases in the last year of Bitcoin could not be continued since the Start of the Bitcoin Futures on CME on the 18.12.2017 to the same extent. Nevertheless, the price of Bitcoin is at a very high level, if we compare the value of a Bitcoin today (around 13.300 Euro) with January of the previous year, (770 Euro).

The third largest crypto-currency, Ethereum started yesterday, to a new Rally and could reach a new all-time high. The market capitalization rose to over 100 Billion dollars, where the magical limit of USD 1000 for the first time broken. Currently, the Ethereum course is just under 827 Euro per Token and, therefore, more than 800 Euro higher than in January 2017.

This dizzyingly high rate of growth shows in our view how a great deal of potential in Ethereum. One of the most important Updates of the Ethereum block Chain, namely the activation of Plasma, and could in the future also have a positive impact on the course.

The Plasma Update will enable thousands of transactions per second, and consequently, to solve the scaling problem, which is also used for Ethereum in the past was already facing. By Plasma, it is possible to process larger amounts of data and to improve the Blockchain in terms of speed is crucial.

IOTA announces partnership with ITIC

The IOTA Foundation announced yesterday on their official Blog that Joachim Taiber, could be won as an official new Partner of the Foundation for International Transportaion Innovation Center (ITIC) for a future Cooperation.

The joint project will deepen the development of self-driving cars in a “Smart City”. Here, the technology of IOTA is to help especially, to determine in a pilot project, the conditions which must be satisfied in order for Autonomous driving can load cars, for example, completely independently, without the need to engage the man.

The long-term goal was,above all,

to create a worldwide use of the smart mobility applications the Open-Source Protocol and the IOTA-Data-Marketplaces for a fully-automated and sustainable mobility ecosystem with maximum security .

So that IOTA can gain a further Partner, is testing the promising technology of the Tangle Protocol and Data Marketplaces. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen the extent to which the IOTA has developed a technology that can actually be found in practice. The following months will be exciting in any case and the direction for IOTA pretend in 2018.

The IOTA course shows meanwhile, the message still unimpressed, and will continue to move sideways with a value of € 3.25.

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