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EOS: partnership with Tesloop – Tesla data is stored on the EOS Blockchain

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The EOS Italy Community, has today announced a partnership, which is initially very spectacular sounds, but on closer inspection, not overrated. According to the Tweet EOS cooperates with Tesloop, a company that Tesla used cars as a kind of Taxi, to drive guests from city to city. Certain data of car journeys are to be stored on the Blockchain.

Apart from the Tweet, however, there is still no official statement from EOS. Therefore, it remains to be seen whether the partnership will prove true and how the partnership.

It is important to know that Tesloop is not a subsidiary of Tesla, but a stand-alone company, which was founded in 2016 by a then-16-year-old Teenager in the United States. The company offers a Service, passengers in a Tesla out of town-to transport to the city or to drive the Tesla (as a rental). It would combine the low cost of the electrical engineering with a focus on an “inspiring” experience.

The cooperation also means that all the data from Tesla cars to be stored on the Blockchain. Instead, only the data of the Tesloop Tesla’s, and from these data, only a certain part to be on the EOS Blockchain stored.

The announcement of the cooperation, has announced Rahul Sonnad, CEO of Tesloop in an Interview:

Rahul Sonnad explained in the Video (39:40) that Blockchains and in particular, the EOS Blockchain is very bad for it are suitable to store large, rapidly changing data on the Blockchain. What the Blockchain can serve according to Sonnad, is the verification of the data.

For example, a insurance might not trust companies on a centralized Server-stored data. However, the data would be on the Blockchain decentralized and counterfeit-proof and, therefore, could serve as proof.

In addition, the Blockchain technology from Sonnads point of view, may be also for safety reasons helpful. If the tire manufacturer, for example, can only access the tire pressure, but not on the motion profile of the car, can guarantee the Blockchain, that only this access is actually made.

The Interviewer of the Videos confirmed the connection of Tesloop and

So how Vechain and Tron EOS is a platform for the exit this summer, their test phase and the Mainnet is publish. In comparison to other Top 20 the rates are not down loss for EOS during the past month. With an increase of 28 percent over the past month has kept the EOS course comparatively “good”. Accordingly, EOS is moved up to place 6 of the largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

On the 06. April will be held in Hong Kong, a Meetup of EOS, on which a special notice (a”Special Announcement”). Whether it is the partnership with Tesloop or whether an additional message behind the announcement is hidden, it remains to be seen.

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