’Ed Sheerans highlight is yet to come”

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Murray Cummings, the nephew of Ed Sheeran, is already eight years busy with the making of a documentary, called the song writer, about the singer. According to him, will Sheeran the next eighteen years only, but more will grow as a writer and culminate when he is mid forty.

Ed Sheeran

“I’m so curious about what Ed Sheeran all still going to do,” says Murray to the Daily Star. “I know he is affected and he grew up with Bob Dylan and Van Morrison. I want the album that he will make if he 45 is really very glad to hear it. Perhaps it’s commercially already at its peak, but his peak as a songwriter really should be yet to come.”

The documentary, which is bought by Apple, follows the 27-year-old singer from his years as a busker to his hit Shape of You. “I always thought that the documentary would be about him and his little performances, but then he was suddenly Ed Sheeran. So I thought ’what can I make now, what only I can create?’. I enjoyed it very to him to see if he was working with a new song. I decided to focus on the ’secrets of writing hits.”

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