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eco-study: German companies for more Blockchain applications

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German companies in the communication with authorities, more security and want to put to this purpose, more on Blockchain technologies. This follows a study by the Internet Association eco. The coalition agreement of the current Federal government could make this possible. Still missing in Germany, however, corresponding advances.

Digital to the Authorities – but safe. What Estonia already since many years, this wish for German companies. A study by the Internet Association eco, calling for 70 percent of the 500 companies surveyed decision-makers secure communication with the Authorities using Blockchain technologies.

68 percent are convinced that Blockchain applications would make the exchange of data is significantly safer. This is the Handelsblatt reported, among other things, on Tuesday.

The Association believes that the results of the study, a clear finding:

“The result is a clear call to action to the legislature,”

so Alexander Raven, managing Director of eco. Stephan Zimprich, Director of the competence group Blockchain of the Association, adds:

“A lot of Managers require higher safety standards and more efficient solutions.”

The Blockchain technology could be “a good starting point”.

The eco Association represents over 1000 in the Internet and telecommunications-based companies. Prominent members include Amazon Web Services, Ebay or the German Telekom. Not entirely surprising, it seems therefore that the Association comes to be according to unique results.

The Situation in Germany: the Blockchain on paper, application is in the waiting loop

That the wishes of the companies surveyed could not remain a mere ideal, this is the view in the current coalition agreement of the Federal government reveals. Several times in the objectives and plans of the SPD and the Union with respect to the Blockchain. Test and promote the technology. Still, however, there is a lack of concrete proposals and initiatives.

Hope makes many of the newly-appointed Minister of state for Digital in the Chancellery, Dorothee Bär. Her Post was created in the current term, and is intended to ensure that digitisation remains in this country not just empty words. Speech on the topic of the Blockchain, however, of your still.

That this will change soon, for the last year founded the Association of the Blockchain. He has written on the Flag, to hoist the Distributed Ledger technologies on the political Agenda. Also this month established EU could wear Blockchain partnership new Wind to Germany. In this 22 EU member States are obliged, until the next year, cross-border first official application fields to explore.

Inspiration could get the German and EU authorities worldwide abundant: pioneers, Estonia, Sweden or the Swiss Canton of Zug already use Blockchain applications in public administration and communication including the channels to secure the feet. To the in this country is such, however, seem to still decisive efforts are necessary.

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