Dwayne Johnson is nights awake

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Dwayne Johnson is doing since the birth of his third daughter, Tiana Rose, not close an eye. The 45-year-old actor even had his visit to CinemaCon in Las Vegas to cancel.

Dwayne Johnson

In a video that was sent out during CinemaCon let Johnson know that he could not be present at the event. “I was happy to be there. I’m sorry that I can’t be there, but I have ’baby-sitting’. We have just received our third daughter and we are so happy with her that I like her to stay.”

Also he made a joke, know difficult to sleep to be able to grasp: “And you know what, I have at the moment quite heavy. Do you know what it’s called? Oh yes, insomnia! I was asleep at the time and many of you know how that is.” The 45-year-old actor made the birth of his baby, known on Instagram with a photo, in which he is with the new-born girl to him.

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