Dutch prime minister Rutte gives error in dividenddiscussie

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The Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte in the Second Room to the test was about memos around the abolition of the dividend tax – has acknowledged that a mistake from him on the basis of the already months-long discussion around the measure. ‘It starts with an error of me, ” he said in the debate on the issue. The opposition filed a motion of censure.

The past few months has Rutte always declared that he knew nothing about the documents on which the decision to abolish the dividend withholding tax is based. As he said in a debate on 15 november that he had “no memory of” the official memos. But last Friday, however, these documents actually exist and were several members of the government are there for months. Tuesday, they were eventually released.

The prime minister declared Wednesday night in the Second Room that he was a ‘mistake’ has been made. He had to say the day after the novemberdebat the assignment should give to see if there is still formatiestukken about the abolition of the dividend tax.

Almost the entire opposition had Wednesday evening a motion of censure against the prime minister. ‘Trust in the prime minister is away, ” said Lilian Marijnissen of the SP. Similar words are used of the Labour party leader Lodewijk Asscher. “He has an untruth is told and the error is not corrected.’ A motion of censure is usually seen as a less severe condemnation than a motion of censure. Only opposition party SGP (Political Reformed Party) signed the motion.

1.4 billion

The abolition of the dividend tax in the Netherlands is controversial, because the measure would be an annual 1.4 billion euros in costs. The liberal VVD, the party of mark Rutte, believes that with the measure, additional investors can be attracted. The opposition believes that it is a gift for foreign shareholders, that henceforth no tax should be paid on their dividends.

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