Croom is not blind to the harsh reality

78986e123125b63ee2c29bb626e06e02 - Croom is not blind to the harsh reality

Unfortunately life is not always a bed of roses, sometimes the reality is hard and we could not be blind or deaf. Whether it is about love, disease, death, war, terrorism, etc… all these things touch us deep in our soul.
Therefore, wrote Jo Cassiers and Bert Van Roosendael this new single from Croom, “Rain on my soul”. This number is provided as additional support for anyone with pain in the heart, hoping for a better world, without pain and sadness.

The single “Rain on my soul”, Chrome has been edited by HKM Records and is available on iTunes and Google Play. Play can also, via Spotify, Apple’s Music and Deezer.

(Nico Vanaken)

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