Creators of The Quiz could do nothing even more exciting, more think

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The decision to after seven years and 115 episodes to stop with The Quiz is a unanimous decision of the creators. The makers want to stop at the peak, says comedian Niels van der Laan.

v.l.n .r. Joep van Deudekom, Niels van der Laan, Jeroen Woe, and Rob Urgert

“After every season, we will be discussing during a weekend in France, what could be better. During the evaluation of the previous season we concluded that we are nothing even more exciting could think of,” says Niels. “Wouldn’t it be great to stop now it still going well? Even before we get to the club of afgeserveerde tv programs hear? Let that moment and with a bang going out. That idea made everyone excited.”

Saturday is the last episode of The Quiz show. Kwismasters Joep van Deudekom, Niels van der Laan, Jeroen Woe, and Rob Urgert put there after ten seasons a point behind. The Quiz began in 2011 as part of the zaterdagavondshow Pau!l of Paul de Leeuw and later on Along the Lion. Since 2013 is The Quiz as a standalone program to see at NPO 1, now with an average of 1.755.000 viewers, including delayed viewing. Well-known pieces are the musical parodies, the Exciting show, the Inkwisitie and The conveyor belt.


Niels van der Laan calls the reactions to the stop of The Quiz is overwhelming and more than she had expected. “I realize that The Quiz for many, it really is a zaterdagavondmoment has become, like Heard that for me it was in the past. Do we want to stop? The decision at the climax to stop, of course, means also that it is now going well and that stop is annoying. The Quiz is an intensive program. We go there with full energy, otherwise it is not. It should not be jaded, because we hold dearly the show. We are always strict with ourselves by each other to ask the question: How can it be better?”

The success of the show is, according to Niels, the combination of the satirical look back at the week and entertainment on the guest. “We can be a substantive satirical joke about the situation in Syria, and then on the absurd way our guest in the limelight. The episode with Erica Terpstra belongs to my favorites, when we had the ideal combination to tackle. The ideal guest for us, someone who is an icon in his own field. Someone where we ourselves against surprise, where we warm-up walk.”


After the final of The Quiz go Niels van der Laan en Jeroen Woe together in the theater. After the summer, their performance Pesetas in reprise. Joep van Deudekom and Rob Urgert throw themselves on the development of new television programs. Thought before the duo Under the tram, Between the ears, and The Institution. Concrete ideas about a successor for The Quiz are there is according to Niels, not yet.

Who Saturday night guest in the last show, keep Niels secret.

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