Charlize Theron continues to cry

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It’s hard, in the home of Charlize Theron. Her adopted children could barely find each other and make non-stop arguing.

Charlize Theron

The actress admits that she used to cry because her family life was perfect when her children were young. Now it is rare when they agree with each other and Theron always their quarrels to resolve.

Charlize, who at The Ellen DeGeneres Show was her new movie, Tully to promote, said: “The last time I was here, was my youngest a year and a half old, and my oldest was five… They had a peaceful, beautiful, loving relationship that me every day in tears and crying.”

“Now I must also crying, but not more of joy. The youngest is almost three and says to all ” no ” and the oldest accepts that not. It seems every day there’s war at home: ’don’t Touch me! Don’t look at me! Leave me alone!” I ask myself if they are already at the adolescence.”

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