Boxing Stars: who will be the champion of the lightweights?

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Five weeks have familiar faces in Boxing Stars fought for what they are worth. Now only the best boxers about. In the first finalekampen, now Thursday, fight lightweights Andy Peelman, Sieg De Doncker, Laura Tesoro, and Astrid Coppens for the bokstitel. Who knokt to eternal fame and glory?

Laura Tesoro usa. Astrid Coppens

Laura Tesoro: “Astrid, I’ve always been a superfan of your programs and I think you are a great lady, but in the ring I go, you still need curing. Sorry!”

Astrid Coppens: “I’m Laura intimidate with my limited edition Muhammad Ali bathrobe, gehandtekend by Ali itself. I’m going to kick your ass, Laura!”

In the women it goes between Laura Tesoro and Astrid Coppens. Laura won her first camp convincingly against Bieke Ilegems. Astrid switched Stéphanie De Roover, the wife of televisiekok Jeroen Meus. Now they fight in the ring for the title in the lightweight women. “I’m focused. I have stress, but also very motivating. I really want to win,” says Laura. Also Astrid is nervous for the final: “Now, I’m still very nervous and I have a lot of adrenaline. I have a little scare, but I’m going to go.”

The supporters are already ready for it. Koen Wauters and Niels Destadsbader encourage Laura to from the tribune. “There is a lot of pit in Laura, and she is a stubborn duvel,” says Koen. “Two handsome women who fight against each other in the ring. I think I can handle,” laughs John. The supporters of Astrid believe in the victory. “The courage, dropped her shoes at the sight of Laura’s camp. But she has well trained and the morale is good. She is going to the extreme of itself,” says her friend Bram.

Sieg De Doncker us. Andy Peelman

Sieg De Doncker: “I’m Andy not to be underestimated, because he is still a police officer. So I think he you out of nothing a good beating can give.”

Andy Peelman: “I have one message for Sieg: I have my little stickers of the company in my sportzak, and I hope you are, too!”

For the men it is looking forward to the lichtgewichtenfinale between Sieg De Doncker and Andy Peelman. Sieg pushed through to the finals after he Faroek Özgünes off with a technical KO. Andy had a solid job and a half to Oscar Wilson, but finally won in three rounds. Retrieves Andy’s technique of the power of Sieg? “I’m quite happy with the ‘Boxing Stars-calling’ home”, says Sieg without taking. But also, Andy has only one goal: “I want that fucking belt to my belly, as simple as that.”

Their supporters sit again on post. Andy’s wife Tine was there last week not to be completely at ease in it, and this week she sits in the stands with a frightened heart: “I have as many nerves as last week, but I have Andy to see fight against Oscar, and I saw that it was good.” Siegs brother Jonathan is careful and wants Andy definitely should not be underestimated: “Sieg has a lot to do with terror, but he gets a lot of training. Let’s hope that he in the performance of the previous times can continue.”

Next week Thursday is the final in the heavyweights on the program: Kamal Kharmach throw everything in the fight against Bill Barberis and Marie Verhulst takes on Hilde De Baerdemaeker.

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