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Bit real: What is it about the new crypto-Fund to know

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The bit real Capital GmbH in Munich recently received a marketing authorisation from the German Federal financial Supervisory authority (BaFin). In the case of the BITREAL Capital GmbH is a in 2017 based Fund initiator and Innovator in the area of special AIF.

Of the bit real Real Estate Blockchain Opportunities Fund 1

Contents of the registration of the bit real Real Estate Blockchain Opportunities Fund 1 (BREBCO1). The BREBCO1 falls under the category of alternative investment funds. Furthermore, it is designed to be an equity volume of EUR 40 million. Investors can invest their money from an investment amount of 500,000 Euro. Thus, the Fund is open for semi-professional and professional investors.

The peculiarity lies in the fact that the Fund crypto-currencies with AA combines financed commercial property (part by Bank loans). Thus, a combination of a safe and a risky part. Another feature is the Deposit option: The Fund may not be equipped only with Fiat but also with crypto-currencies. The same also applies to the payment: here you can choose between Fiat or crypto-currencies.

“Through close cooperation with regulatory authorities and leading international economic and tax law firms, we provide a serious introduction to this increasingly important asset class”,

Boris Hardi, Managing Partner explained.

More regulated crypto-Fund

The BREBCO1 is the first regulated crypto-Fund. The Liechtenstein financial market authority has regulated the Postera Fund – Crypto 1 crypto-Assets like Bitcoin, Ether & co. includes in its Portfolio. The AIF is designed the Fund is managed by the Independent Fund Management AG, and is issued in accordance with the requirements of the European Directive on alternative investment Fund managers (AIFM-RL). However, a minimum investment of 50,000 euros, is also a barrier to Entry.

In addition, the block wall Management GmbH, which has already launched a closed-end Fund block wall Capital I GmbH & co. KG for crypto-Investments exists. BTC-ECHO has interviewed the Managing General Partner Laurenz Apiarius. However, there was also here a minimum investment of 200,000 euros.

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