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Binance a new function and announces partnership

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One of the biggest crypto currency exchanges in the world, Binance, has introduced a new feature, with the smaller amounts against the exchange’s own currency can be exchanged. Furthermore, the exchange has entered into a partnership with Changelly to synergy to achieve effects.

Binance has introduced a few days ago, a new feature that allows small amounts are no longer interchangeable to trade due to high charges, against the stock exchange, crypto currency Binance Coin. CEO, Changpeng Zhao, announced on Twitter that the “broom” (Broom).

Crypto-currencies are less than 0.001 BTC value can be converted to BNB-Token. This function was introduced due to strong demand from the Community. Used the conversion function can be under the Tab balance. On the right side is a Button that says “Convert to BNB”.

This function can only be used once within 24 hours for Coins that have a value below 0.001 BTC. In our opinion, these measures will have no impact on the price of the Binance Coins.

As we already reported, Changpeng just in Uganda, on the road, to discuss the partnership with the local Crypto Savannah and fix.

In addition, the crypto-currency exchange Changelly Binance was able to convince with a synergistic partnership for both sides are enormous benefits.

Changelly is an exchange for crypto-currencies, which allows it easy to swap quickly and at low fees crypto currencies against each other. What is otherwise only possible by means of an Atomic swap or a crypto-currency exchange possible, Changelly.

Although the exchange at the Binance against other crypto-currencies is also possible, however, often have gone the detour via Bitcoin or Ethereum. Changelly offers over 100 different crypto-currencies, and so facilitates exchange and saves a step.

The API of Binance on the platform of Changelly integrated fast and easy trade between the two platforms.

The algorithm considered at the time of trade the courses in real time and takes its value for the exchange of crypto-currencies on the stock exchange of Changelly.

From our perspective, this partnership is a big win for both companies. Changelly receives an incredible range, and new users by Binance. Binance receives for almost all traded crypto-currencies, the possibility of the user a direct exchange opportunity against almost any other crypto-currency (there are many crypto-currencies of the Top 100 on Changelly listed) to offer.

We have made in the past very good experiences with the platform Changelly. Both the function is easy and works without any problems. The Support responds usually in a very timely manner and was able to solve until now, each arising Problem.

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