Bam margera’s conviction for driving under the influence

c7121a164ce1b897069d6ba4eca58575 - Bam margera's conviction for driving under the influence

Bam margera’s is by the court found guilty of driving under the influence last January. The 38-year-old Jackass star, however, need not put in jail, reports TMZ.

V. l.n.r.: Johnny Knoxville, Bam margera’s and director Jeff Tremaine.

Bam has a probationary period of three years. If he is so within that time, again the error, then he must have the cell. In addition, he must have awareness around driving under the influence, follow, pay fines and go to AA meetings.

After the arrest came margera’s out on bail, free. There was, of which 13,000 euros paid for him to go home. Then he reported to a rehab clinic for his alcohol addiction to address. Since then nothing more of him heard, and speaks his lawyer for him.

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