’Avicii committed suicide’

928115eed37ceac400d99893e70950b9 - ’Avicii committed suicide’

The family of the Friday death Avicii has a second declaration to the outside. In an open letter to let the family know that the Swedish dj no longer had the strength to continue., so it seems that he himself has put an end to his life.

“Our beloved Tim was a seeker, a fragile artistic soul, looking for answers to existential questions. A perfectionist who traveled and worked at a pace that led to extreme stress”, the family. When Avicii in 2016, stopped touring, he tried to find a balance between being happy in life and do what he most loved: making music.

Avicii’s family reveals that the dj struggled with questions about the meaning of life and happiness. “He could no longer continue. He wanted to find rest. Tim was not created for the business machine in which he found himself. He was a sensitive boy, that his fans loved, but the spotlight rather bypassed.”

The family concludes with the words that they for always of him will continue to love and that they are terribly missing out. “The person you were and your music will keep you memory alive.”

Last Monday, thanked the family for all the statements of support, after Avicii was dead found in a resort in the Omani city of Muscat. The local police had already known that there was no crime, but the exact cause of death is not yet published.

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