Andy Peelman don’t do in Boxing Stars.

4f72d80f374a4e402bd14c660baf9267 - Andy Peelman don't do in Boxing Stars.

The hunger for the kampioensgordel to Boxing Stars was very big with the men. Sieg and Andy gave each other not a moment’s peace and attacked each other with their fists. After three rounds, went the victory to Sieg. “Holy shit! That does still pain, such a knock in your face, but I’m very happy”, sighed Sieg relieved. It was exciting until the last second, because they were well matched, and Andy gave is not going to be won. “Sieg is a tree of a guy and if you have no chainsaw to have then you have no answer to,” said Andy afterwards.

Jonathan, the brother of Sieg, was happy about the camp, but know that it was not easy: “It’s really hard to make your brother so much beating. According to Andy you have to chain saws carry, but he had indeed two: his fists. He has Sieg really the fire is put to the test.” Andy’s wife Tine was especially relieved after the race: “He has that great done and I am supertrots, but I’m glad it’s done!”

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