Ancora announces new single to

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More than three months after the heart surgery, the singer Harm Wolters is the Band Ancora with a new single. On Tuesday 1 may, the cover Calypso.

Harm Wolters, Patrick van Bree and Patrick Jongschaap of Ancora Ancora

Jan Keizer wrote the Dutch text of the classic by John Denver. Later this year a new album of Ancora. Calypso is the successor of the in June 2017 published number By storm and fierce rain. Then it was a for Ancora unusually long silence.

Harm Wolters was admitted to the hospital and underwent a serious heart surgery. He is now under the record label Volendam Music so restored that he and his medezangers Patrick van Bree and Patrick Jongschaap, back bends with all the recordings and performances of the group.

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