American media: this is the time of recognition

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The time of recognition for victims of sexual abuse is reached. That is the general purport of the reports about the condemnation of Bill Cosby Thursday.

Last year, a jury not to apportion blame in the case of former basketball star Andrea Constant, who Cosby it accuses her to have been drugged and abused. A new jury ruled Thursday that the comedian is guilty of all three charges in the case. Many experts and stakeholders stressed the emergence of the MeToo-movement in the meantime. “Judges are not to be guided by the cultural and social mood of the moment, but are ultimately only human beings”, stated Patricia Steurer, one of the dozens of other accusers of Cosby, on CNN.

“We understand now that you can’t rely on someone’s image,” said former prosecutor Mimi Rocah, that the ruling as a sign that victims of sexual violence to be finally believed, on the transmitter. Legal advisor at Areva Martin called the ruling: “An immeasurably important moment.” They emphasized that Cosby is the first hollywood star is that the legal consequences resulting from his actions. “We have men from their pedestal fall. We have men their jobs, to see losses and their careers in the water fall. But we still have no one condemned.”

One of the accusers of Cosby that all days in the process, Lili Bernard, described on different channels, and the joy and relief that she and her “sisters” felt in the room. The actress, who once had a part to play in The Cosby Show, was after the verdict so overcome by emotion that they the hall out of the village. Once outside, they stated compared to NBC: “My faith in humanity is restored.”

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