American billionaire Khan wants Wembley to buy

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The American billionaire Shahid Khan, owner of football club Fulham and the american football team Jacksonville Jaguars, has Thursday confirmed that he Wembley wants to buy.

The British newspaper The Sun had previously reported that Khan joined the English football association FA, the owner of the stadium in London, had been reported.

British media speculate on the price. Khan would, according to the BBC the 800 million British pounds, approximately 930 million euro, have offered. Sky Sports estimates that with the acquisition an amount of more than 1 billion euro.

After the sale continues to Wembley, that after a renovation in 2007, the 90,000 seats has, the venue for international matches and competitions as the FA Cup Final.

Would the national team in October and november need to take evasive action because in this period the american footballduels from the NFL in London will be played.


A spokesman for the FA would only be able to confirm that the bond is a bid in Wembley has been given, but wanted to continue not on the details.

Khan gave up on the site of Fulham a statement, in which the 67-year-old born pakistani guy explained why he bid has done on the football temple.

“The advantage of the acquisition would be that the FA every year hundreds of million euros left to invest in the amateur clubs and the development of talents. Who can be so against this?”, he wondered.

“A possible acquisition of Wembley in any case has no influence on my ambitions with Fulham and the plans for the renovation of the Riverside Stand.”


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