Also ribbons for Caroline Tensen and Jenny Arena

c860949eab0893432ff79509b7070bdc - Also ribbons for Caroline Tensen and Jenny Arena

Also Caroline Tensen and Jenny Arena have a ribbon. They were among the forty residents of Amsterdam that a ribbon were awarded in the New Church on the Dam, reports the Parool.

Caroline Tensen in 2017 during the live show of Marathon against Cancer of the DUTCH cancer foundation on the Waagplein in Alkmaar.

Caroline Tensen got her ribbon because of her commitment on behalf of Orange Babies for babies and mothers with hiv in Africa. In addition, she is ambassador of Stichting Doen and the DUTCH cancer foundation. Actress and singer Jenny Arena and won a ribbon because ” her audience is through her laugh, let it inspire and move us’.

It is thanks to the call of the deceased mayor Eberhard van der Laan that there are so many people a ribbon got. Last year, he called for people to wear and as possible therefore there were this year, fourteen people more that an honourable mention ribbon in the capital pinned got.

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