Akwasi Frimpong had never thought to marry white woman

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Skeletonner Akwasi Frimpong had never expected that he with a white woman would marry. “I was always on dark women. Between them I was brought up, I was familiar with it.”

The skeletonner says Thursday’s Volkskrant that his wife is from a family of mormons. “Believe originally that blacks are a curse. That I as well was dark, and not mormon, it was a lot at the same time. However, her parents and me from the very beginning accepted.”

“I wanted to marry her, but had after Sochi (they did Frimpong in 2014 the Olympic Winter games, red.) only 700 euro. When I’m vacuum cleaners for sale. On the doors, knocking and devices to promote, since I was very good at that. I got the Golddigger of the Year Award and had, within five months of my own business. A year ago, Erica and I have a daughter.”

Because Frimpong a lot of house, that his wife is always at home with their daughter, he tells the newspaper. “If they are full-time, it would work, it would be difficult. The term housewife, but I humbly sound. She is the boss of our family. My job is to ensure that there is food on the table.”


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