3voor12 celebrates

452808b332e1f5f1f094b3725311f3dc - 3voor12 celebrates

3voor12’s birthday and celebrates with a month-long celebration. The music platform of the VPRO is in may twenty years.

During the anniversary is o.a. an interview with Brainpower broadcast

On the occasion of the anniversary, the platform with a special programming. There are more interviews with Blaudzun, Lucky Fonz III, Kyteman and Brainpower broadcast. The jubileummaand will kick off with a listener-composite top 100 of the best songs from the past twenty years 3voor12. The top 100 is the first three days of may to hear on Radio 3FM.

3voor12, among other things, a report of all the major music festivals, was formed in may 1998 as a reaction to the then policy of Radio 3. A protest drew the broadcaster to the internet, among the warning title ’3voor12’ a 24/7 platform to offer new and innovative music.

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