1.7 million visitors to Flemish films in 2017

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In 2017 pulled Flemish (co -) productions 1.7 million visitors to the Belgian cinemas. On television reached a Flemish films over 11 million viewers, while Flemish televisiereeksen 67 million views. Internationally, persuaded the Flemish (co -) productions 236 film awards. These and other figures are today explained during the presentation of the VAF Annual reports of 2017.

In 2017, the VAF/film fund aid to 50 majority Flemish projects, for an amount of 7.307.917 EUR. Went 4.743.500 EUR to nine fictiespeelfilms, 420.000 EUR to seven short fiction films, 1.120.000 EUR to 14 documentaries, 581.500 EUR to seven animated films, and 442.917 EUR to 13 FilmLab projects.

Through the VAF/media Fund received 11 majority Flemish strings together for 4.740.000 EUR aid: three fictiereeksen (2.670.000 EUR), four documentairereeksen (862.500 EUR) and four animation sequences (1.207.500 EUR). Within the VAF/Gamefonds went in total 647.053 EUR to (pre)production support for games, which 185.553 MILLION was assigned to four serious games intended for the compulsory education. The other 461.500 MILLION was awarded to nine games within the entertainment category, and other serious games.

The economic fund Screen Flanders invested in 2017 4.495.000 EUR in domestic and foreign productions. In total, 46 files submitted, the highest number since the start of the measure and four more than in 2016. Finally, 24 projects have been approved (two less than in 2016). The leverage ratio (ratio of structural investments in the Flemish Region and of the aid granted) was on average 7,70. The Flemish eligible costs amounted to a new record of 34.610.081 EUR. The actual impact on the economy is, however, still larger, because many expenditures are not in the amount included because they are not as tried and true for the audiovisual sector to be considered (o.a. transport, catering, overheads).

The results
In 2017 came 29 majority Flemish film productions (of which only a part made with the support of the VAF and/or Screen Flanders) in the cinema. A whopping nine titles were documentaries. Flemish movies knew 1.693.498 visitors to the Belgian cinemas to lure, of which 91% for the majority of Flemish productions. The total number of moviegoers of Flemish films, with 11% compared to 2016. In comparison with the past 10 years the number remained relatively stable. This is the biggest crowd puller of 2017, FC De Kampioenen 3: Forever, until the middle of december with us in the halls was affecting a large part of the total number of moviegoers only in the figures of 2018 will occur. It is, moreover, so that Flemish films in the first four months of 2018, with almost 1 million visitors to the cinema provoked. In addition to FC The Champions 3, this is due in part to the performance of Patser, Q3, Love Cruise and The buurtpolitie: The tunnel.

Back to 2017, with F. C. The Champions 3: Forever on december 31, 2017 on 309.692 visitors afklokte. On march 15 of this year, was the counter already on 592.000. This brings the film on the eleventh place in the list of best viewed Flemish films of all time. The top three of 2017 is completed with The second face (214.048 visitors on 31/12) and Le Fidèle (135.546 viewers on 31/12).
A trend that continues to persist is that the large concentration of moviegoers for a number of movies decreases. The cinema is today, but one way to movies to consume, in addition to streaming and VOD, tv, dvd and blu-ray. The general public via different channels. Unfortunately, the streaming services and dvd distributors particularly frugal with figures, which means we have no full picture to give. In the field of video-on-demand put The Prime minister’s bioscoopsucces from 2016 onwards. The top five best watched movies on the VOD market will be complemented by the Dead Angle, Scum, Speechless, and Everybody Happy. The Premier was also the best selling title on dvd/blu-ray.

In 2017 were 86 Flemish (co -) productions at Flemish broadcasters, will be screened. Total voted 11.301.491 viewers. The top five ratings in 2017 is led by Brother, followed by W. Witse the movie Safety First: the Movie, Groenten uit Balen and Allez, Eddy!

Abroad, there was again a lot of attention for Flemish audiovisual creations, which prove the 236 international film awards, and a multitude of selections that Flemish creations in 2017 binnenhaalden. The short animated film Catherine won worldwide, up to 27 film awards, the feature film King of the Belgians if there is nine in to take delivery, while the short VAF Wildcardwinnende documentary The Jungle Knows You Better Than You Do from Juanita Onzaga three times in the prizes. Remarkable: Onzaga’s latest documentary, Our Song To War, will premiere as part of the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs in Cannes. Finally won Sorry for everything an International Emmy Award and three Flemish films nominated for the European Film Awards.
On television voted 67.165.814 viewers down on strings that were made with the support of the VAF and/or Screen Flanders (the past two years, and this number is stable at around 49 million). The increase is mainly due to the pressure viewed fictiereeksen Beau Séjour, Tabula rasa, and Tytgat Chocolat, that each episode is an average of 1.1 million to 1.5 million viewers reached. It is striking that the animation sequences, year after year, in importance: the share of Flemish animation sequences during the last three years has increased from 7% to 12%.

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