Zlatan stabs dragon with Swedish coach

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic has a commercial of one of his sponsors, the dragon stung with the Swedish national coach Janne Andersson.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic shares a national coach Janne Andersson a plaagstootje.

The 36-year-old footballer proposed to recently – despite the fact that he had two years ago afzwaaide in the national team – that he is there next summer just to be with during the world cup in Russia.

“A world cup without me is not a real world cup. I have to be careful with what I tell you. But I’m going to the world cup, that is the only thing that I can say,” said Ibrahimovic, who is now LA Galaxy soccer.

It appeared to be a nod to a deal with a sponsor who is also an official partnership with the football world cup. But coach Andersson reacted as stung by a wasp. “I’m at this moment not to think about a comeback of Zlatan, because against me he has still said nothing. If he has taken a decision, he can me make a call and talk about it. But I am ultimately the one who will take the decision.”

Ibrahimovic posted Tuesday an advert on Instagram in which he terugsloeg. The eccentric attacker is in the pool to relax until he calls you. On his watch, where the commercial end, he can see exactly who dares him to interfere. It is Andersson. Ibrahimovic shakes his head, as if he is already too often is called by the coach, leave the phone quietly ringing and put then on the side of the water to enjoy.

Old-following his departure to chelsea Ibrahimovic with 62 goals in 116 international matches, the top scorer of all times in Sweden, that when the world cup is classified in a group with reigning world champion Germany, Mexico, and South Korea.

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