World cup on the tour for Oxlade-Chamberlain

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Not only Liverpool, there are concerns about the seemingly serious injury that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain on Wednesday after only eighteen minutes to the side had to be in the Champions Leagueduel with AS Roma.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain gets injured

The 24-year-old English international fog may also be the football world cup. The season for Oxlade-Chamberlain to Liverpool seems to be over. “Yes, see there it might as well have unfortunately. The medical staff is very concerned, although there is still no scan is made,” said Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp after the end of the duel, by the English, with 5-2 was won.

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Oxlade-Chamberlain disappeared from the field after a by himself initiated the tackle which he made his right leg hurt. Klopp: “It looks very serious. That is a huge blow for him and for the team. There are still a few important games.”

Oxlade-Chamberlain has played 32 international matches in which he six times scored.

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