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World Bit Bank – the first legal crypto currency Bank in the world

64ee6fdcdf0b0aef42f63a97da1bc59e - World Bit Bank – the first legal crypto currency Bank in the world

The founder of the “IT Vitolutions” Ltd, Igor Romanenko and his Team have developed over the past two years, the first international crypto-currency Bank under the brand of World Bit Bank (WBB).

World Bit Bank is registered in the EU as a platform for the trade of virtual currencies for Fiat currencies. The Wallet is also licensed as a financial service provider in the EU.

The World Bit Bank will use the Wibcoin or WBB – Token. This is an Ethereum-a Blockchain-based ERC20-Token that was developed to facilitate payments within the platform.

World Bit Bank customers can buy VISA / MasterCard debit cards in order to realize payments in Fiat currencies and crypto-currencies.

The company is planning the introduction of cards, Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum and ERC20-token support. So customers can spend their money anywhere VISA and MasterCard are accepted. The cards are equipped with contactless NFC-based payments. Users can recharge their cards through the mobile App.

Still World Bit Bank will have a Mobile Banking App, with the user international payments. The App will reduce the transfer costs by 90% and cut transaction times, according to the official white paper on “about three seconds” to shorten. World Bit Bank is planning to connect their Mobile Banking App with PayPal, PayTM, Apple Pay and other payment solutions.

The project includes the development of technologies and the establishment of an international crypto-currency Bank under the brand of World Bit Bank (WBB), whose work is based on two key technologies:

  1. on the mobile technology as a means for performing various monetary transactions in real time, and Blockchain technology
  2. the use of crypto-currency (Wibcoin Token) as a unit of account in the Ecosystem of the World Bit Bank.

The WBB project offers a new solution, which was developed from the Blockchain-technology and 5G-financing refers to. This has the following properties:

  • absolute limit of movement;
  • cross-platform texture;
  • easy operation;
  • Timeliness of the transactions;
  • Funds are always under the control of the customer. On the customer’s money can not be used without his consent;
  • low or no transaction fees;
  • high security through cryptography;
  • API with open source code;
  • Transparency of the sources and movements of Resources between the accounts;
  • Authentication

To realize this development, the company plans a PRE-ICO.

The facts of the Pre-ICO:

SOFT CAP = € 500 Thousand, equivalent to 667.61 ETH (With the exchange rate € 748.941ETH, at 16. 02.2018).

HARD CAP = € 25 million, equivalent to 33.380.51 ETH (With the exchange rate € 748.941ETH, on 16.02.2018)

Further information on the participation in the ICO, there are here.

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