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Wikipedia: restrictions for crypto-owner

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Holder of crypto-currencies, are subject, according to Wikipedia, a conflict of interest: you are allowed to edit neither crypto-currencies, writing the corresponding article. However, anyone who is a real expert, is welcome.

The days of the long lexical series in the living room wall should already be since the advent of Wikipedia counted. Not Curious is not familiar with the Internet encyclopedia. Everyone knows that it is open and free, and everyone as a post author may realize. Quite so unrestricted and free to Create the article, however, is not yet the “conflicts of interest have been described”.

Conflict of interest: hodln

On the side of the “conflict of interest” describes Wikipedia in those cases where an author about a specific subject is allowed to write. So is there anyone who has a special interest in the representation of a subject in a certain direction, it is not permitted to write an article about it. Now, Wikipedia has updated the English Version of the page, and another conflict of interest added. Who holds Cryptocurrencies, is not allowed to write about it, or existing posts about crypto-currencies do not edit:

“Any external relationship – personal, religious, politically, scientifically, legally, or financially (including the Holding of a crypto-currency) – can trigger a conflict of interest. How close the relationship must be before it is on Wikipedia to the Problem, is determined by common sense. For example, an article should not be written about a Band by the Manager of the Band, and a biography should not be an auto biography or be the spouse of the Person to be written.“

For Wikipedia, interested are not experts

The Background to these guidelines, maintaining a degree of neutrality in the articles is certainly. A Problem can, however, see that those who are particularly interested in a topic, know more about it than many others. Therefore, the “Subject-Matter Experts are, however, in the next section,” the expert for a specific topic, defined. Of them “, it is expected that you ensure that your external roles and relationships in their area of expertise interfere with their primary role on Wikipedia.” Just Hodler not experts in the field of crypto-currencies.

As the Internet encyclopedia accepting since 2014 Bitcoin donations, in this context the (not very serious) question of whether Wikipedia should edit the article about Bitcoin.

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