Wife Cosby for the first time in court

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Camille Cosby has for the first time to show during the second treatment of the lawsuit against her husband Bill. The 74-year-old was her husband when during the slotpleidooi of his lawyers.

Bill Cosby

Cosby is the first hollywood star that for abuse terechtstaat since the emergence of #MeToo. His legal team discussed the movement in the case. “Yes, we have sexual abuse to address,” said one of his lawyers. “But a beschuldiger question is not the same as the victims the blame.” A other counselor of the fallen comedian asked the jury, “defense against rumors, gossip, and superficiality.”


Also, the prosecutor spoke to the jury a second time. This was the wife of the The Cosby Show star is not present. The prosecutors accused the defense, among others, of karaktermoord to have committed the accusers. “She is exactly the reason why victims of sexual violence, these crimes do not indicate,” said one of them a lawyer of Cosby.

The comedian grinned according to Deadline, a few times when, during the plea about the accusers was spoken. A prosecutor stated as follows: “He laughs like it’s funny. But there is absolutely nothing funny about them, their ability to consent taken away from you.”

Although during this trial, several women testified that they drugged and abused by Cosby, rotate the case only to one of them, Andrea Constant. The jury Wednesday, a consultation with the judge and then go into deliberations about the question of guilt. The 80-year-old is charged with three crimes, each capable of up to ten years in prison.

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