Widower Corry Brokken died

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The widower of the late eurovision winner Corry Brokken is last Monday at the age of 68 died.

Corry Brokken with her husband Jan Meijerink

Shortly after the death of his wife, Corry Brokken on may 31, 2016 Jan Meijerink according to sources, itself suffered two brain haemorrhages. The news then about the then 66-year-old lawyer little came out, was not rosy.

Meijerink married during their study rights with the precisely seventeen-year-old eurovision winner – in 1957 won Corry for the Netherlands in the song Contest with the song Just like when Willy van Hemert. He was her second husband. They had six years together, a law firm in Laren. Corry then made until 1996 an independent career within the judiciary, kicked the judge, and then to make a comeback as a singer.

The last years of her life led a reclusive existence in Laren. After her death, and his crumbling health, was the question of whether Jan yet independently able to live. After two years, he ’suddenly disappeared’, according to the notice. Just like his wife Corry two years ago, is also Jan Meijerink cremated.

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