Was Linda The Win abused by Woestijnvis?

74f3e82b3bef593f4f0af89f289470f3 - Was Linda The Win abused by Woestijnvis?

Eight years ago, Linda De Win in the eye of the storm during its participation in The world’s Smartest Man. On Radio 2, she told about that she thinks ‘that Woestijnvis her. “For the audience, that was fantastic,” she told him. The Win won the game, but it also turned out that the political journalist, many opponents had. Her statements came a lot of criticism. “At the moment when the witch hunt broke out, were all of the recordings already completed,” says Linda now. “I was not aware of what responses I evoked in the audience. During the recordings, I never thought: ‘how do I come across?’. Then I thought: let’s assume that the tracks were walking, I had maybe more considering what I said. I think Woestijnvis certain things made in function of what happened.”

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