Truckers help police to suicide to prevent

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More than twelve forklift drivers Tuesday in the Us state of Michigan the police helped. They could prevent someone from themselves the life-deprived.

The police of the state of Michigan has on Twitter is a remarkable photo shared: thirteen trucks in a row lined up on the different lanes of Interstate 696 near the American city of Detroit. ‘But on this picture is also a man who is struggling with the decision to self-suicide’, police said on Twitter.

The police got by the end of Tuesday for a call about a man on the point for a bridge to jump. Several agents started with the man talking and the motorway exit. Meanwhile, the agents in trucks to the bridge to the fall of man to shorten.

Thirteen men were eventually a row while the police, the man spoke. The incident lasted, according to The Washington Post three to four hours. The man walked after the end of the bridge and got medical help.

According to an officer of the police, Michael Shaw, this is standard procedure in such cases. The police always close off the road when someone threatens a bridge to jump. Also, there are often trucks employed, ‘but it is unusual that there are so many trucks are involved, ” says Shaw, to news agency AP. ‘Please know that help is possible”, stressed the police in the tweet.

Those who have questions around suicide, you can visit the Zelfmoordlijn on the toll-free number to 1813 and on the website

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