Today about a year I want a big party have given

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In the seventh episode of Today about a year Cath Luyten Brussels couple Stefan and Stefan (41). They would like to have a baby, adopt. The 11-year-old Aukje from Laakdal (Antwerpen) wants Belgian champion BMX. The Borgerhoutse Zaki (41, from Palestine) wants to learn to swim. After an error during a back surgery wants the 49-year-old Kristel (from Dendermonde, East Flanders) again. And the 72-year-old Igna (Hasselt, Limburg) wants before her euthanasia a farewell party.

Stefan (41) and Stefan (41) – “Today, about a year, we are the proud dads of a adoptiekindje”
“It’s very unreal: we already have a place in a crèche, but we have no idea when we have a baby will get.” – Stefan and Stefan

Stefan and Stefan are both raised with the idea that homosexuals can not have children should adopt. When the law, however, changed, jumped a gap in the air: suddenly, it was possible for them parents to be. They started the official adoption process and then began the long wait. In the meantime, they are seven years later and they are at a high place on the waiting list. They hope that in 2017, the redeeming phone call and the papa’s can be of a child.

Aukje (11) – “Today, about a year I want to be Belgian champion BMX”
“I want to be later not just going to work, but I’d like to take cycling as my profession. It is my life.” – Aukje

Aukje is a tough girl. Her mother wanted her to enroll for the music school, but she saw not: they wanted something a little actievers try. It was BMX racing. A few painful falls, and a broken pink stayed with her unable to stop it. They had to continue and excel in her sport. And that turns out to be successful. Aukje was the last season a few nice places bijeensprokkelen and lays her bar a lot higher. She wants the gold medal on the Belgian Championship. A bold statement for a little girl.

Zaki (41) – “Today, about a year I want to be able to swim”
“What if there is with my children, something happens in the sea? I can’t do anything!” – Zaki

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