This Spanish woman looked just like…Donald Trump!

792c68dbfa6cea4048ef02ae59102464 - This Spanish woman looked just like...Donald Trump!

NANTON – For Dolores Leis Antelo, a to for short unknown woman from Spain, it must be a strange sensation. Suddenly, she is viral gone. Reason: she appears speaking to resemble none other than Donald Trump!

Antelo last week to a local newspaper an interview about her life as a woman in Nanton, a small village in the Spanish countryside. The article was a picture posted of a schoffelde Antelo. This involves them in the field in the distance.

And this pose caused a barrage of comments on social media. “Change the hoe by a golfstick, and you have Donald Trump”, tweeted someone. People have mostly pity for her. “Her amazing strong,” writes even a twitterer.

But what is Antelo actually itself from the equation? La Voz de Galicia asked her for a reaction. “I think it’s because of the color of my hair.” The life of the woman is completely different than that of her male counterpart. “I have no mobile phone. My daughters show me off to have something. They say that this picture me famous, but I don’t understand why.”

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