Take ex of Temptation Island Alex revenge?

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The 8 singles from the new season of MTV’s Ex on the Beach: Double Dutch are known! From 6 may, you will see every Sunday at 22: 00 on Viacom channel, MTV how Alex, Elodie, Jorden, Channah, Roy, Lie, Nico and Jamecia on a heavenly place in Thailand the holiday of their life seem to experience. Unfortunately, the Tablet of Terror to wait to the singles of their pink cloud stairs! No one is safe, because your ex may be so, but from the water coming to a spanner in the works throw. Some exes want reconciliation, but others want only one thing: revenge. Get ready for a new season full of sex, deception and a touch of humor.

One of the 8 singles, the 27-year-old Alex Maas, who you probably know as the best and biggest deceiver of Temptation Island, but he wants to be with his participation in Ex on the Beach: the Double Dutch show that there is more behind him than the seducer that we on the TV have seen. Recently he has his own gym where he has his members personally helps to get beach-ready hit: even though it is such a nice intention. Yet to describe Alex himself as a real alfaman: if he is on a festival run grab all the men like their girlfriend. He indicates with multiple women at the same time to be dating, but promises in Thailand his good side to show. But a load of exes and the Tablet of Terror are, of course, not exactly an ideal combination, and that may be for stir worry in the villa…

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