Switzerland also approved export of possible sarin ingredient to Syria, well

44e21021e1506f62d72029b679cffc17 - Switzerland also approved export of possible sarin ingredient to Syria, well

A chemical substance that can be used to make sarin gas, is exported from Switzerland to Syria with the approval of the Swiss authorities. That gave the state Secretariat for Economic Affairs (Seco) in Bern on Tuesday.

In June 2014, it seemed acceptable to allow the chemical substance isopropanol would be shipped to a private Syrian pharmaceutical company, said the Seco on the Swiss news agency ATS. The Seco added that it is now the opinion is changed. “After the latest developments surrounding the suspected use of chemical weapons, and the serious deterioration of the situation over the past years, such export is likely to be shut down.’

Isopropanol, which is freely available in Europe and is often used as a solvent, can be used to sarin manufacture. The nerve gas killed probably more than a hundred people in the Syrian war.

Stocks destroyed

In may 2014 confirmed a joint mission of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and the United Nations that all stocks of chemical weapons of the Syrian state were destroyed.

But the international treaty, chemical weapons bans, bans, no isopropanol, reported the French-language public broadcaster RTS. Inventories of the Syrian pharmaceutical industry were not covered by the treaty and therefore were not destroyed, says Seco.

In our country follow the customs of three Flemish companies because they are not the appropriate authorisations to be submitted with the export of chemical products from Belgium to Syria. One of the four chemicals was isopropanol, was found last week.

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