Swedish dj John Dahlbäck recognize pressure Avicii

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Dj John Dahlbäck, one of the djs from Sweden, worked in the beginning of his career together with Avicii and has good memories of making music with him. Writes that the Swedish SVT News, the dj said when he returned from a tour through the United States.

The press, including dj and producer Avicii, is recognizable for his Swedish colleague

“It was very funny,” says Dahlbäck about that start time. “We were one or two weeks long every day in my studio to make music. He was very talented. And ambitious, on a happy, positive way.”

The dj and producer by the end of 2016, he produced the first electronic single to Nick and Simon, Won’t Back Away – to recognize, however, from my own experience, the press including Avicii later was going to suffer. “Say no, do you really don’t. There are so many people who press you to exercise, so many agents that really want to that you are touring. Bad I have not had one, but it is very sad to never be at home. It is double: you want to do, but..”

The dj was in the first instance panic when he received the news about the death of Avicii heard. “He is still the greatest. I am still half in shock. I need time to let it sink in.”

John Dahlbäck experience also the pressure associated with touring. “You can’t say no”

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