Swedish captain Granqvist wants Ibrahimovic clarity about the world cup

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Andreas Granqvist wants Zlatan Ibrahimovic as soon as possible, make clear in which capacity he next summer for the world cup. The 36-year-old Swedish striker had several times to know that he is in Russia will be present, but not in any way.

In the Swedish national team to ensure the decisions of Ibrahimovic for unrest. “I think the team would be as good as Zlatan reveals,” says captain Granqvist Wednesday against the Aftonbladet newspaper.

Ibrahimovic played in the european CHAMPIONSHIPS of 2016, his last international game for Sweden. Coach Janne Andersson had earlier this week know that a comeback of the old-following his departure to chelsea is not an issue.

Granqvist wants, therefore, that Ibrahimovic, the coach informs about its intentions. “It is especially a problem for Janne,” said the ex-player of FC Groningen. “Zlatan must Janne a call, or at least in the media declare what he really wants.”

Ibrahimovic spoke a week ago, out loud, that he to the world cup, but left it in the middle or that as a player of the Swedish selection. “I’m going to the world cup. Furthermore, I can not say anything yet. I have to be careful, because other people rely me to it”, said the attacker of LA Galaxy then.

The 116-fold international then gave no clear answer to the question whether he is also football shoes will wear during the tournament in Russia. “A world cup without me is not a world cup”, was the only thing that he wanted.

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Third world cup

If Ibrahimovic about two months in Russia also come into action, then it is his third world cup with Sweden. The striker was there for the first time in 2002 in South Korea and Japan, when he was under contract at Ajax, and also in Germany in 2006.

At the 2010 world cup in South Africa and the world cup four years ago in Brazil was missing Ibrahimovic because he didn’t know to places with Sweden. Without the experienced striker will qualified the Swedes themselves at the expense of Orange, and thanks to a victory in the play-offs against Italy for the upcoming tournament in Russia.

Sweden is at the world cup in group F, divided with Germany, South Korea and Mexico. The tournament begins on 14 June with the match of host country Russia against Saudi Arabia. The first match of Sweden on 18 June in Nizhny Novgorod against the South Koreans.

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