Suspects gang rape of Antwerp to remain in cell

c8060526ca231ce84d037c1cb084ffff - Suspects gang rape of Antwerp to remain in cell

BRUSSELS – Two Belgians of African origin are still at least a month in custody because of the gang rape of two Dutch women in Antwerp. About the fate of two other suspects within a few days to decide.

The two women of 21 and 22 had reported to the police of gang rape in their hotel after they to a nightclub in Antwerp had been.

Lawyer Ben Crosiers of the last two suspects, speaks of ’new elements’ in the criminal investigation. “I wish these new pieces to view before arguing,” he says.

Meanwhile, it is clear that the gang rape probably is filmed, but the images remain untraceable. Several accused persons, but also the two victims of 21 and 22 years have this explained.

’Images with Snapchat’

Probably the images with Snapchat, making the police the images no longer back could find. The defendant himself denies a chance to have made, but says the gsm is only used to have the dark room in light.

In the hotel room, the police also found a lachgasballon found. In this way, the friends are intoxicated. The use of nitrous oxide is not illegal, but in heavy alcohol use, there are risks. The victims have stated that they are drugged were before they were raped.

Evening out in the Roxy

More than a month ago met up with the Dutch friends of the foursome on a evening out in the Antwerp club Roxy. Two of the four Africans went with them to their hotel, their two friends dived there later on and were starting.

One of the four suspects put a confession. But according to this, Mohamed S. (22) was with consent. He stated that everyone is in a drunken stupor.

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