Superstar Chef kicks off with 600,000 viewers

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The first episode of Superstar Chef on RTL4 is Monday night started with a cautious digit. To the cooking show looked 607.000 people, good for seventeenth place in the huge success top 25 of Foundation for sight examination.

Tijl Beckand presents Superstar Chef

In Superstar Chefs, presented by Tijl Beckand, eight famous people to well-known Dutch chefs associated with it. Every week, the duo’s two cooking dishes. The BN’ers are initially assisted by their chef, but that will quickly clear the field and then the give gourmets there alone.

The program had primetime competition from Veronica and NPO1. To the Champions League match between Liverpool and AS Roma looked to 1.2 million people. In the top three were standing next to the football the NOS Journaal 20: 00 hours (1.7 million) and the RTL News from half past eight (almost 1.1 million). Detection Asked knew more than 1 million viewers hooked.

The first episode of TLC show Everything from the Cabinet was due to 124.000 people are viewed. The modeprogramma of Fred of Leather that he falls outside the top 25 of best viewed programs.

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