Striplegende Stan Lee sued for sexual aggression

868f7bafa79e59cf9af523d44b02d8b7 - Striplegende Stan Lee sued for sexual aggression

A masseuse from Chicago on Monday filed a complaint against the American comic book writer, Stan Lee, the spiritual father of the superheroes of Marvel Comics. The man would last year have been guilty of unwanted touching and sexual aggression.

In the indictment describes masseuse Maria Carballo how the 95-year-old artist during two massage sessions are genitals stroked and her foot to his crotch moved. According to the court documents were the facts take place in april 2017. The author stayed when in Chicago for a comic.

The lawyer of Stan Lee denies all allegations, and accused the masseuse of extortion. “My client is 95 years of age. I do not believe that he is capable of such deeds,” declares Jonathan Freund in the newspaper Chicago Tribune.

Carballo asks for a compensation of 50,000 Us dollars (41.000 euro). She has also filed a complaint with the Chicago police.

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