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Stoffel Vandoorne looks out to street race in Baku: “A very cool place to race”

86417212163cb566cdc3a982c952f115 - Stoffel Vandoorne looks out to street race in Baku: "A very cool place to race"

The belgian Stoffel Vandoorne looks forward to for the second time in his F1 career through the streets of Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, to racing.

“The Baku City Circuit is quite challenging but also a track that is very fun to drive, it is challenging for the riders,” begins Vandoorne are looking ahead to the GP of Azerbaijan. “You drive literally through the historical center and that was last year really a cool experience. Overtaking on the very narrow streets is, however, very tricky.”

“That being said, we saw last year, anything but a procession as a race. Hopefully we can this coming weekend again to take advantage of any dramas that play out during the race. Last year was very heavy and there is only one real possibility to overtake, at the end of the long straight piece. It will be for us again, very difficult but let us see what is possible with our car.”

Vandoorne hopes to be in Baku a better qualification to work than in the past raceweekends, all of our fellow countryman, especially to work on improving his start of the race. The past races were which, after all, particularly difficult.

“We are going to prepare the best and a good strategy to try out, for myself, it will be the start, however, be crucial,” said Vandoorne. “I have spent the past races not the best of starts. Since, in Baku it is difficult to overtake, we will have to try to make us as good as possible to qualify.”

“In China, we have very hard fought but the floor of my car got damaged which I find hard to for could get during the race. I’m also looking forward to an intense battle in the midfield and wants as much as possible progression books as possible,” concluded Vandoorne.

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