Smallville-actress out on bail after indictment sekscult

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Allison Mack should her lawsuit outside the prison to wait and see. The Smallville actress was Tuesday freed on bail. She is placed under house arrest.

Allison Mackin in Smallville

Mack is suspected of a central role in cult NXIVM. Her is human trafficking for prostitution and forced labour charged. NXIVM he portrayed himself as a self-help group, but turned out in practice, a cult. Women were under the false pretense brought in and forced to have sex with the leader of the club, Keith Raniere.

The actress, according to the New York Post suspected to have women recruited for Raniere. The participants were according to the indictment starved and branded with the initials of Raniere in their groin area were immortalized.

The 35-year-old declared on Friday not to be guilty of the things they suspected. Also Raniere, who last month was arrested, says his innocence.

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