Shopping carts are prohibited on the contest

8fc3d345ae6461c52a9de0ab0e8a574c - Shopping carts are prohibited on the contest

The Portuguese organization of the Eurovision song Contest, has drawn up a list of objects that have to be there next month do not come in as the event again on the program. On the list are eye-catching items as shopping carts, golf balls, ladders and helmets included.

Many songfestivalfans on Twitter to find the list ’hilarious’. “The list of prohibited items at the song contest is so funny. Why would you want a shopping cart?”, ask one of the many twitterers. On the list are also very usual things such as weapons, poisonous substances, food and alcohol.

The Eurovision song Contest will take place on 8, 10 and 12 may in Lisbon, Portugal. On behalf of the Netherlands does Waylon.

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