Robbie Williams gets her own wietkwekerij

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Ayda Field has for her man Robbie Williams a wietkwekerij bought. That claims to Big Narstie who, when Williams was visiting for their cooperation Go Mental and the nursery when found.

Robbie Williams

“It was very bizarre. Robbie called my manager and said that he wanted to work. Shortly after that, we were in the studio. He was very different than I had expected.”, tells Big Narstie to The Sun. “He is very cool. He stands with both feet on the ground and is modest. In addition, he has a good woman. I’ve seen what Ayda Robbie has bought in honor of their wedding anniversary. She has given him a wietkwekerij in the basement!”

Robbie Williams is always honest about his drug use. Despite the fact that he was already two times in rehab has been sitting, the singer is not going to stop blowing. “But I don’t use large amounts, just enough to relax.”

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