Rihanna is working on double album

f588ba1a3f25d3c5c1905337bc68a8cf - Rihanna is working on double album

Because Rihanna would be disappointed about how her latest album, Anti performed, the singer is now on a double album to the top of the charts to storm.


“Rihanna was really not happy with the results of her last album, especially because they are themselves really of the plate is kept.”, tells a source to Metro Uk. “They know that they now have a new project need full with smash hits in order to avoid that they have two flops behind each other.”

“She is at the moment working on two albums. One of them is filled with tracks that are perfect for the charts, the other is a bit more experimental. She thinks of her new music as a double album because the songs do not go well together on one plate.”

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