Rami Malek has a relationship with tegenspeelster

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Photos that are popping up of the duo suggest that Rami and his tegenspeelster Lucy Boynton dating.

Rami Malek probably has a relationship with his tegenspeelster in the film Bohemian Rhapsody, Lucy Boynton.

The rumour is that the 36-year-old actor falls in love with Lucy while they were busy with the filming of the Queen biopic, says Us Weekly Magazine.

Rami is in the skin crawled of Freddie Mercury in the new film, Lucy plays the muse of Mercury, Mary Austin. They inspired the famous Queen song “Love of My Life”, when she and Mercury relationship in the years ’70.

For his relationship with Lucy, had Rami in a relationship with Portia Doubleday, tegenspeelster in the hit series Mr. Robot. It is unclear when they broke up, but it was probably somewhere in 2017, a period of time before Rami Lucy began dating.

We are looking forward to the film that released on november. First images suggest that Rami his role as Freddie perfect plays. Rami talked about his role as the well-known frontman to Entertainment Tonight: “If you open your eyes can do and see a completely different person in the mirror, then that is a confirmation.”

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