Rachel McAdams felt new energy during lesbian seksscène

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Actress Rachel Adams has with Hollywood’s greatest hunks, including Ryan Gosling and Jake Gyllenhaal, sex scenes in the game, but the intimate scenes with Rachel Weisz in Disobedience, were for her a lot more special.

Rachel McAdams and Rachel Weisz

“Often do you think about whether the sex scenes will not be cheap.”, tells Adams to Entertainment Weekly. “But this time it was really it was really part of the story and it was necessary for the characters. I felt an energy in the recordings, which I never had during sex scenes felt.”

The Doctor Strange-the actress takes no sheet before the mouth and tells the director, Sebastián Lelio, condoms had chosen with the taste of lychee to ensure that Adams enough saliva had to be in Rachel Weisz her mouth to spit. “It was exciting that Sebastián with something new. It was provocative, and takes the viewer into a very intimate moment. The night before are different flavors tried, but lychee worked the best.”

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