Prince Laurent must ecohouse sell

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The House of Renewable Energies and the adjacent building of prince Laurent, in the rue d’arlon in the heart of the European district, to purchase, for a lack of tenants. That report the Sudpresse newspapers today.

The House of Renewable Energies is the property of Cerbux Invest. The adjacent house at number 67 is of REC Arlon, of which the foundation Grect of prince Laurent of belgium is a shareholder. In the board of directors of both companies, princess Claire back to find.

“The rental income cover the loans. After a discussion with the main banker was about four months ago, we decided to have a sale. The purchase of these buildings was fully funded by loans”, says Etienne Davignon, the counselor of prince Laurent of belgium.

The former tenant European Renewable Energy Council (EREC), a non-profit international organization, continued the lease after 27 years of stop after they are in liquidation. Cerbux Invest is demanding 10 million euro of the organization.

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