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Press release: How Syntera can make you a crypto-billionaire?

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The popular business magazine Forbes published an annual list of the billionaires of this world. In it, we see successful business people who, for once, an interesting and unique idea, and a lot of money to have earned. Most of us think that it is very difficult and almost impossible to stand in the same row with the richest people in the world. What if there’s another way to be one of them? You don’t need to invent ideas or new businesses. Investing currencies in the Crypto.

It is possible that the new group of billionaires – crypto-billionaires – join. One Option is to buy a promising crypto-currency and wait until it increases in value. The brothers Winklevoss. In 2013, you bought 1% of all Bitcoins for $ 11 million and now have a capacity of 1.17 billion dollars.

Another possibility is a new project to join, which has its own currency. Syntera is a great opportunity for big investors or a Newcomer in the world of crypto-currency to contribute to the development of a promising product and to earn money.

Syntera is a platform which aims to provide a wealth of solutions, based on the Blockchain – and-Sharing Economy. Syntera creates a community of users working together for mutual Benefit. Syntera has already attracted investors from around the world and 13 out of 13 rounds of the Token Sale prematurely. 6.5 million Tokens were sold out.

Syntera was developed to help its users to achieve financial success:

  • The synergy of two technologies: the Blockchain and the Sharing Economy should be able to create an Ecosystem in which people share resources, perform transactions and make sure that your personal data will be protected by the technology of the Smart Contract.
  • Syntera Sharing Coin
    The Syntera platform is powered by their own internal crypto currency – Syntera Sharing Coin. SSC is used for the transaction on the platform, to trade on the P2P Exchange, for investment in the Hedge-Mining program, etc. With the use of SSC, its value grows and brings in the Token-holders a Profit.
  • The Community
    Any user of the platform can be accessed on the Community-provided resources to create plans and achieve goals.

Syntera is your Chance to use your finances correctly. Will Larsen is the next Chris Forbes to the top of the first list of cryptographic billionaires. Mr Larsen has Ripple – the company, the international payments for banks with Blockchain technology allows – and XRP. He has 5.2 billion XRP. Net-crypto-assets is estimated to be 8 billion US dollars.

Another Name in the Forbes list of Matthew Mellon is a great example of the right decisions. Mr. Mellon was an early Investor in XRP, and has made a fortune of 1 billion dollars. The choice of the right project can lead to success. The Syntera Token sale is still running.

Join now to the project! You can visit the official web-site, subscribe to the accounts of Syntera on Facebook, Medium, Instagram, Twitter, and you follow the news or chat on Telegram with us.


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