Political transfer for actress Mieke Bouve

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Actress and Gents sp.a city council member Mieke Bouve switches to Open Vld. She adjusts her seat in the city council’s “The cartel was no longer the correct place to make my commitment for the city to give shape and form”, says Bouve. The actress was in 2006 on the list and in 2012 at the

Mieke Bouve played in the eighties the role of Ann The Shrewd or ‘Archer’ in the popular youngsters Merlina. Later she played under and even more in the tv-series Wittekerke, at Home and Jump.

At the last local elections she was not elected, but they sat in the Ghent city council as a replacement of other city council members. Since 2015, she was permanently municipal councillor for Ghent meerderheidskartel of socialists and greens.

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