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Only a few redBUX at BRIC INVEST with 300%-Airdrop-on Bonus available

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After rated the redBUX as a “Gamechanger” for investors: Who wants to now buy redBUX, only until Sunday at the Prague investment house BRIC a token with a new customer bonus PLUS 300% Airdrop-Bonus INVEST.

After on Monday of this week, the leading American crypto-Blog has written that the redBUX-range of the Prague investment house BRIC INVEST has the potential to revolutionize the adult industry, is it for investors to slowly closely: The Run on the highly coveted Coins of the Berlin Virtual Reality provider vrXcity the available Coins.

Block crunch writes in his message “As a payment system for the highly acclaimed vrXcity Virtual Reality platform, which is already adopted by many leading companies in the adult industry such as wicked pictures or iwantEmpire, is traded on the redBUX soon in more than 6,000 Outlets in the global adult entertainment industry.” And comes to the conclusion: “NOW you have the Chance to achieve due to the high short-term rewards with the redBUX in the near future, substantial profits!”

The American Blockchain and crypto-analysts argue that the redBUX the adult industry, offering a desperately needed opportunity to finally use the Blockchain and its benefits for their business, since the RedBUX specially designed “as a method of payment for the [new] Ecosystem [has been] created with the new virtual erotic worlds”. According to block, crunch the redBUX was already adopted by leading international media companies such as Wicked Pictures or iwantEmpire and soon tens of thousands of redBUX transactions per day!

Investors who want to secure the last available redBUX, may 30 at the Prague investment house BRIC INVEST yet to to. April, the popular Token with an attractive new customer bonus as well as a one-time Airdrop-Bonus in the amount of 300% of draw, and so in time for the start of trading on 15. Secure may your package to redBUX a starting price that is well below the target rate of 100 Tokens per Euro.

BRIC INVEST Board of Directors Miroslav Soukup stresses, therefore: “investors who buy now in us redBUX, more than three times as many tokens for your money than you would get to the intended nominal value of 1 Euro cent per Token. If you have the patience, up to the start of trading in the over 6,000 acceptance of the global erotica industry to be seen, you have a realistic chance to be realized due to the short time available, high premiums in the future, with the redBUX significant gains!“

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